Nayla Gabriel was born in 1980 in Beirut (Lebanon). She grew up in France and now spends her time between London and Paris.

After studying business and economics in Lebanon and in France, she joined Christie’s Paris and studied history of Art specialising in French Fine and Decorative Art.

Nayla started sculpting from an early age, and found her inspiration in trees. She works mainly with metal wires and paper or photographs.

In the words of the artist:
“trees are the witness of time, history and life. They are filled with all the energy of nature. They are the home and shelter of millions of creatures and they have endured nature’s forces and human life for centuries and still stand majestically in peace and quiet.”

Her works have been shown in galleries in Lebanon, France and England.

She has been exhibiting at the following art fairs:
ArtLondon, the London Art Fair, the Lapada Art and Antiques Fair, and the Affordable Art Fair.