Patrice Giorda was born in Lyon 1952. Spotted very early on, notably among the international selection at the XIIIth Paris Biennale in 1985, he has constantly made his personal mark as a painter in the classical sense.

Although far removed from the avant-gardes that turn their backs on Painting, his figurative art nevertheless remains absolutely contemporary. His symbolic representation of man and nature goes beyond straightforward landscapes, scenes, portraits or still lives. Reality is enriched by memory and the permanence of a quest described by Giorda as a “delving into one’s being”. Making great formal, spiritual and poetic demands, Patrice Giorda blends the real and the imaginary, the universal and the singular. He brings harmony where harmony should not be possible – between the blazing beauty of light and colour and the depths of shadow of solitude.

Patrice Giorda has exhibited in prestigious galleries and venues, museums and public spaces, both in France and abroad.


2018 - “Delacroix au Louvre”, Patrice Giorda Télérama hors-série Delacroix

2015 - “Atelier d’Artiste - Patrice Giorda” Entretien par Laurent Boudier - Editions Fage

- “Conversation Sacree” - Patrice Giorda - Préface de Gérard Mordillat, L’Atelier Contemporain

- “Le chantier Velazquez” - Patrice Giorda - Télérama hors-série Velasquez

2014 - “Le Miroir Voile” - Gerard Mordillat Calmann-Lévy

2012 - “Caravage et Hopper”, Patrice Giorda Télérama hors-série Hopper

2008 - “Giorda Monographie” Textes: Denis Lafay et Gerard Mordillat

2004 - “Giorda Azulejos pour la Fontaine” Jean-Marie Auzias - Thoba’s Editions

2002 - “Portraits en Prison”, Patrice Giorda - Editions la Pionniere

2001 - “Giorda l’Ombre Portee”, Gerard Mordillat - Editions la main parle

1997 - “Giorda Monographie”, Emmanuel Dayde - Syseca

1995 - “Le Noir ou l’Absence Incarnée”, Patrice Giorda - Conférence n°1

1993 - “Giorda 10 ans de Peinture”, Gilles Verneret - Centre d’Art Contemporain de Saint-Priest

1991 - “Patrice Giorda, Le Dessin”, Bertrand Goy - Centre d’Art Contemporain de Villefranche sur Saone

1982 - “Les Menines, une affaire de famille”, Patrice Giorda et Georges Poncet, ArtPress n.60
Recent works
24 May - 13 June 2018