Raphael Thierry is a French visual artist, painter and illustrator born in Tunisia in 1972. He executes his work in various media such as drawings, paintings, sculptures, performances, installations and develops his artistic practice under multiple identities.

Raphaël Thierry grew up in the South of France. He moved to Paris in 1990 where he studied graphic design at the Académie Julian. Graduated with honors from the École Supérieure d’Arts Graphiques Met de Penninghen in 1994 and recipient of the Villa Medici grant in fine art at the French Academy in Rome in 2004, he decided to focus exclusively on his artistic work. He produced numerous exhibitions and performances while developing his artistic practice under multiple identities. He has worked for many years with the writer and philosopher Federico Nicolao with which he published in 2004 the book la Medesima Ombra. During his stay at the French Academy in Rome, he met the composer Jerome Combier, with whom he will sign several visual performances during the concerts of Vies Silencieuses. In 2008, he created the duo ©® with the French director Christian Volckman (Renaissance), an artistic collaboration source of a series of thematic films and exhibitions named THEFLOW. In 2010, he produced the paintings and the video for the Frank Wedekind's play : Lulu- une tragédie monstre directed by Stéphane Braunschweig at the Théâtre national de la Colline.

Under the name of Rapharty, he creates and illustrates a collection of books for children : les aventures de Superchien ( The Superdog Adventures ) since 2000.
Raphael Thierry lives and works in France between Paris and Avignon.