I was introduced last year to Verdilly’s world by Guillaume Sebastien, an old Paris friend of mine, who also happens to be a contemporary art dealer. Little was said about the artist at the time; the emphasis instead was left on the works to speak for themselves.

And they do. One can hear the silence in Verdilly’s High Reliefs, whether in a sea or desert scene, always inhabited by incongruous figures and trees, or in his "people scenes", where isolated figures are depicted walking or running, all in their own world. A serene quality emanates from these works, which evokes the poetry of St Exupéry and the "Little Prince", whose kinship is often alluded to by a yellow scarf.

A strange universe is created by the artist, where separate figures, though alone, are infused by a magical serenity mixed with a changing other-worldliness. The atmosphere is strongly redolent of that in Surrealist works.

In the words of Guillaume Sebastien: ‘These are 3D paintings, "High reliefs", on which shadows projected by the light of day or by an evening lamp introduce a discreet and changing life. These are works to dream about".

1954 Born in Arras, France
1975 Studies Biology at the university of Orsay
1988 Works for 6 months in the desert (Saoudi Arabia)
1989 Begins his "High Reliefs" after a brain accident
1991 First exhibiton at the Grand Palais, Paris