Laurence graduated from a French business school in 1993, and has since been travelling all over the world.
She started working in Hong Kong and worked for 3 years at Banque National de Paris, in its Private Banking division. She then moved to san Francisco for 3 years to work for the Gpa clothing Company (still in finance) before ending up in Paris as the managing director of France.

Although Laurence truly enjoyed her international business experience, she discovered the fascinating world of sculpture in 2001 and realised that she had found her true passion. She started to work under the tuition of various sculptures such as Jean-Charles Mainardis, Jan Buckley and Hywell Pratley. She did her first exhibition in 2003 in the Gallery Claire de Villaret in Paris and decided to turn “professional” in 2005 when she moved to London.

In her early years, Laurence was a competitive gymnast and athletic influences such as poise and balance can be seen throughout her work. The figures challenge gravity with subtle poses or sometimes snapshot of body action.

In the circles series the figure is using the latter as a frame, a support or an accessory. Laurence is continuously researching for movement, lightness, energy and spontaneity in contrast with static poses often represented in sculpture.

“Sculpture is a fabulous mix of emotions, discovery and expression. Being able to express yourself with no boundaries or constraints is a rare privilege and I feel like today is still the beginning of my artistic journey as sculpting is an endless evolution process.”

Laurence Perratzi