Born in Paris in 1975. Thomas Verny graduated from the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris in 1998.

Creating an ensemble dedicated to the different aspects of the Mediterranean landscape has been the object of his research the last few years. It is a kind of a painted diary, incorporating views taken on the spot, form every hour and every season.

The use of a unique format, 18.5x24cm, suited to a spontaneous execution came about naturally. So did the composition made from the grouping of these units. These groupings enable the rendering of the changes in the landscapes and the presentation of an element under different angles.

Looking for a kind of objectivity, Thomas Verny was equally interested in representing nature as I was villages and towns, and new territories where human activity and development have left their imprints.

If the grandeur of certain natural sites makes them an ideal subject matter for contemplation, the part of life present in the new business parks renders them a theme worthy of the greatest interest for who wants to consider them.

Thomas Verny was awarded the Casa Velazquez prize in 2002.